Why Choose Rhino?

Our company was inspired and founded by professionals from the Construction Industry.

Each of our products has been developed in order to provide an all-rounded universal umbrella company, offering the choice and flexibility to manage income.

We strive to be diverse and offer the following unique services to our clients without any compromise:

24 hour contactable, 7 days a week, out of hours mobile contact

We know from experience that a big frustration for agencies can be payroll errors and late time sheets. We have minimised this by ensuring that we can be reached after standard office hours. We will re-run payrolls as necessary to ensure that our employees are paid correctly and on time.

Easy registration process

In this industry we are aware that agency workers can often feel inconvenienced by registering with numerous payroll companies. Our easy registration process takes a matter of minutes and we maximise every opportunity to ensure that all relevant documents and information are in place to meet payroll deadlines and compliance.

Weekly SMS reminders for registration and expenses deadlines

Helping to minimise the risk of payment queries due to non-registrations, missing paperwork and missed expense claims.

Weekly SMS with payment and clearance details

We offer complete transparency and make sure that our employees are completely informed on the process of their payments.

Choice of PAYE products alongside weekly processing of mileage expenses subject to our internal expenses policy

Due to the legislative changes at the HMRC, paying self-employed has become increasingly complicated and often at the risk of the agency. At Rhino we have solutions that enable you to pay compliantly and without compromising the payable amount to your workforce.

Our team at Rhino Pro is small and personable. We endeavour to alleviate any personal stresses that you may encounter with your payroll and are happy to help in any way that we can.

For more information please contact us at enquiries@rhinoproltd.co.uk