Duo (PAYE)

As the inspiration for Rhino Pro derived from construction Industry professionals we understand that new legislation changes have left contractors feeling a little apprehensive to leave the Construction Industry Scheme. (CIS). With Our Contract of Services Rhino Pro Duo we are confident we can ease these concerns.

"We wanted to show the workforce that although the legislation was diminishing self-employment for contractors- this can be a positive amendment. The Duo product enables contractors to retain their self-employed status and contribute PAYE payments weekly. Less paperwork, easier to manage and often a higher weekly income. Who said the grass isn’t greener....."

Rhino Pro will calculate the NI contributions and Income Tax deductions and pay these to the HMRC accordingly, Workers on this product are able to offset genuine expenses subject to our expenses policy.
Please note this product is available to ALL industries it is not construction Industry specific.

Click here for a pay example and allow us to ease any concerns you may have or send us an email enquiries@rhinoproltd.co.uk.

If you are unsure how the legislation changes affect you please follow the link for more information or contact us at Rhino Pro Ltd.

"If a subcontractor is subject to supervision direction or control. (or the right of control). Whilst contracting through an intermediary, there is a statutory requirement to deduct PAYE and NI from any payment to you."

Duo (PAYE)